The most stubborn addiction — Monkey House

The most stubborn addiction is one everyone shares, and of which most human animals stay unaware, one behind everything we think, do and say, and from which no one gets entirely away, one we usually notice most when it’s gone, one rooted in fears birthed the moment we’re born, one beneath and behind most of […]

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Aloe vera (Aloe barbadensis) is a fascinating plant. Although it resembles a cactus it is actually a member of the lily family, and is a stemless succulent plant growing up to 40 inches tall. The botanical name aloe derives from the Arabic alloeh meaning ‘bitter and shiny substance’ and vera from the Latin word for […]

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HERE she comes,” muttered Cerridwen, through glinting black diamond teeth, as the dark silhouette of a woman came suddenly into view against the pinkening skies on the horizon, running across the top of an undulating field before vanishing again into the dew-laden deeps of the darkening gloaming. Cerridwen’s wizened snake’s eyes had been scouring the […]

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Pictures from my healing garden ~ Lilly Hope Lucario — Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

My garden is my space for tranquillity and healing. I find surrounding myself with beauty – helps lift my mood and gives me something healthy to focus on. I truly cherish the time I spend alone in my gardens. It has been a space for inner child healing, for something to focus on for the […]

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